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2019 Racing Schedule & Gate Times
2035 James Monroe Highway
Colonial Beach, VA 22443
24-hr Hotline: 804-224-7455

2-Mar DMV Awards Banquet and Party
3-Mar Open Date
9-Mar Open Date
10-Mar Open Date
16-Mar Opening Day for Import & Domestic / TNT only.
17-Mar Open Date
23-Mar Open Date
24-Mar Open Date
30-Mar Open Date
31-Mar 1st Bracket Race with Ndacut Promotion
5-Apr 1st Friday Night Opening / TNT & Grudge
6-Apr Spring Fest 2019 ( 10am - 10pm )
7-Apr Rain Date for Saturday
12-Apr TNT / 1st List Race / Grudge
13-Apr Tron's Watch Your Mouth Race
14-Apr Rain Date for Saturday
19-Apr TNT & Grudge for No Prep
20-Apr Hurricane No Prep Race
21-Apr Custom T's Easter Bash / Home Boy Shootout / 2nd Bracket Race
26-Apr DMV vs The World
27-Apr DMV vs The World
28-Apr Rain Date for Saturday
3-May Al Boogie TNT for Sat.
4-May Al Boogie Grudge Fest
5-May Rain Date for Saturday
10-May Ladies Night & Fun Friday
11-May L.I. Joe & Custom T's Race with Jerry Jones Car Show
12-May Closed Mother's Day
17-May Fade To Black / Kings of Grudge
18-May Fade To Black / Kings of Grudge
19-May Rain Date for Saturday
24-May Friday Night TNT & Grudge
25-May 2-Day Bracket Bash
26-May 2-Day Bracket Bash
31-May Friday Night TNT & Grudge
1-Jun Open Date
2-Jun Open Date
7-Jun Friday Night TNT & Grudge
8-Jun Open Date
9-Jun Open Date
14-Jun Ladies Night & Fun Friday
15-Jun Open Date
16-Jun Open Date
21-Jun DMV vs The World
22-Jun DMV vs The World
23-Jun Rain Date for Saturday
28-Jun Hurricane No Prep Race
29-Jun Hurricane No Prep Race
3-Jul Custom T's Independence Showdown (Wed)
5-Jul Friday Night TNT & Grudge
6-Jul Custom T's Nost. Pro Stock / Jerry's Car Show / 4th ET Race
7-Jul Rain Date for Saturday
12-Jul Nanu's Bikefest
13-Jul Nanu's Bikefest
14-Jul 1st Sunday Evening TNT / Grudge 4pm - 10pm
19-Jul Friday Night TNT & Grudge
20-Jul Open Date
21-Jul Open Date
26-Jul Friday Night TNT & Grudge
27-Jul Hurricane No Prep Race
28-Jul Open Date
2-Aug Friday Night TNT & Grudge
3-Aug Gary Gore Nost. Race & Car Show
4-Aug Rain Date for Saturday
9-Aug Ladies Night & Fun Friday
10-Aug Open Date
11-Aug Open Date
16-Aug DMV vs The World
17-Aug DMV vs The World
18-Aug Rain Date for Saturday
23-Aug Friday Night TNT & Grudge
24-Aug Hurricane No Prep Race
25-Aug Open Date
30-Aug Friday Night TNT & Grudge
31-Aug 2 - Day Bracket Bash
1-Sep 2 - Day Bracket Bash
6-Sep Friday Night TNT & Grudge
7-Sep Open Date
8-Sep Open Date
13-Sep Ladies Night & Fun Friday
14-Sep Metro Area Grudge at the Beach
15-Sep Rain Date for Saturday
20-Sep Friday Night TNT & Grudge
21-Sep Hurricane No Prep Race
22-Sep Open Date
27-Sep King of the Beach
28-Sep King of the Beach
29-Sep King of the Beach
4-Oct Friday Night TNT & Grudge
5-Oct Custom T's & L.I. Joe Cancer Walk & Grudge Fest
6-Oct Rain Date for Saturday
11-Oct Ladies Night & Fun Friday
12-Oct Bracketology
13-Oct Rain Date for Saturday
18-Oct List Race / TNT / Grudge
19-Oct Hurricane No Prep Race
20-Oct Rain Date for Saturday
25-Oct List Race / TNT / Grudge
26-Oct Hurricane No Prep Race
27-Oct Open Date

November Event or Races will add to schedule later in the year.
Custom T's Colonial Beach Motorsports Park has to right to change
or cancel any event.

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